Your NEXUS Tenda AC8 Wi-Fi Router

As of 2021, NEXUS.NET supply as standard with all residential fibre or wireless services, an awesome TENDA Dual Band AC Wi-Fi Router.  This supports Gigabit LAN speeds, great for 100Mb or 200Mb FTTH services, and can provide up to 200Mb speeds on the 5Ghz band.

It should be noted that Wi-Fi is generally limited to one or two rooms at full speed, and will deliver slower over longer distances from the router.

Should you find signal and coverage is low in some areas of the property, we provide a cabled second router installed for R1900 ex VAT.

Please contact sales or email support to request a second unit for your home.

Your Wi-Fi Router

There is a convenient APP you can install for  managing your router.

Simply install from Play Store or Apple Store, the “ TENDA Wi-Fi App” and follow the instructions.
You can also log into your router on a webpage at , for the login password, please talk to support.

More information on the router as well as manuals is here: