We welcome and Support Resellers of All our Products


Are you an IT Integrator, Managed Services Provider or do you sell IT software and hardware?

We provide services for both business and residential customers, and we invite resellers to signup and take advantage of our awesome service and quality Internet solutions.

Resellers get discounts on their accounts for all services, based on rand spend with us.

Resellers get their own business account with 30 day terms, priority support and other incentives from time to time.

Sell our Fibre to the Business (FTTB), Fibre to the Home (FTTH) and Wireless Internet services, and we will ensure you and your valued clients get dedicated, priority support at all times.

Why recommend us to your client base?

  • Personal Service and Support
  • Fast Installation Turnaround
  • Experienced Technicians qualified in a variety of connectivity options
  • Reliable, Redundant Network owned by ourselves
  • Discount structure that grows as you grow

Our resellers do first line support, and if any issue cannot be resolved, simply escalate to our team who will respond within hours. Client billing and pricing is managed by the reseller.

Take the first step, reach out and we will have you on board within
10 working days.

We are proud to have worked with
these quality companies for many years