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Which type of Internet package should I choose?


Shaped line

Our shaped packages moderate the way that data is delivered to your computer. Certain things, such as websites, are given priority over others. For example, if you are downloading your email, and surfing the web, you will get to the web page first before your emails have completed downloading. Bandwidth intensive services such as Bittorrent and video streaming receive a lower priority, especially during business hours.

Our uncapped solutions are all shaped products to ensure fair performance for all, but with no overall traffic usage limit.


Un-shaped line

Our unshaped packages have no prioritization of any traffic and operates on a "first come, first served" basis regardless of which protocol (web/email/video) is used.

Bandwidth intensive services such as Bittorrent are not limited in any way. Our capped packages provide the best performance
but there is an overall traffic usage limit.

Nexus Fibre Internet Packages

Please note that all packages are subject to our Acceptable Usage Policy, for more on this click here.

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