Network Infrastructure

One Stop for your Critical Office Infrastructure

Whether setting up a new office space, expanding or just requiring some changes, our dedicated and very experienced team can help.

We provide everything required for your office space. Cabling, Electrical, Wi-Fi, Conference Rooms, Access Control and more.

Our Infrastructure Services

Telephone Points

Data Points

Electrical Plugs

Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)

Network Switches

Flat Screen TV Screens

Access Control

Video Conferencing Screens

Wi- Fi Coverage

VOIP Telephones

Network Racks and Server Rooms

Fibre Optic Backbones

We provide a free site survey for any of the above, to assess and accurately quote your requirements.

Our technicians are fully supervised and we have over 13 years experience in the infrastructure business.

Site Audits

Worried that your network is disorganised, undocumented
and just plain messy?

Book a free audit, where we will identify areas of concern and risk, providing thereafter a quote to get your network 100% shipshape!

Site Connectivity

Do you require high speed fibre Internet for your offices?

We can provide you with quality Fibre to the Business (FTTB) from any fibre provider covering your address. We will manage the ordering and installation, and ensure reliable, strong Wi-Fi coverage across the offices. You deal only with us.

See our business fibre options here.

Fibre Backbones

Do you require high speed fibre links between buildings or floors?

We have the tools and specialised splicing machines to guarantee a quality installation of fibre links between buildings or floors on your campus site.

Copper network cabling only reaches 100m, so fibre is the choice for connecting users beyond this limit. Chat to us to learn more about the benefits of on site  fibre.

Need some help, let us know and we will contact you