Openserve Fibre Upgrades!

Get double your current speed from 1 March 2021!

All existing clients on Openserve Fibre will get much faster speeds, at the same awesome price. We have increased capacity and are excited to pass on free speed upgrades!

10Mb   –> 25Mb

20Mb   –> 50Mb

50Mb   –> 100Mb

100Mb –> 200Mb

Prices remain unchanged, you simply get better speed and performance!

New orders from 1 March 2021 also benefit from excellent prices on Openserve, so order today!!!

August news

We wish to advise all our valued Fibre customers of recent changes to packages and prices from the fibre network operators (FNOs).

Sadly pricing has been increased by many providers over the last few months, and we no longer can absorb these cost increases.

The good news is that some packages now have higher speeds and in most cases symmetric lines. Going forward, prices will be based on
the provider your service operates on, as prices vary between
fibre providers

The package changes and prices will happen on 1 September 2020.

All clients will receive an email detailing the current package
and price, and the new package and price to be implemented
1 September.

Please review your package and contact sales should you wish to change package before 1 September.

Clients on contract are committed for that period, but can change package up or down. Clients on month to month may do the same.

We do believe, despite some price increases, most under 6%, that we still offer very competitive packages backed by great support.

Thank you so much for being a loyal customer!

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