Get a Fresh new home PHONE!

One that works great over our Fibre to the Home (FTTH) or Wireless Internet service. Fresh PHONE has been specifically developed to allow you to still have a regular home phone, while 
your traditional analogue phone disappears.

Pay less for calls, have improved functionality, not be tied to a fixed line provider, and throw away that dreadful old telephone!

Sure, we all have cell phones now, but the cost of using it for what it was designed for, such as making calls, 
is high, especially when calling friends and family overseas.


  • No fixed monthly fees.
  • Only pay for the calls you actually make.
  • Low cost calling locally and internationally.
  • Calls are billed pure per second with no connection fees or minimum costs.
  • Calls to all other Fresh PHONE users and our NEXUS Support Desk are
    100% FREE.
  • Great choice of desktop or cordless phones

Choose a VOIP phone:

We will install and setup your phone on site, just choose your preferred handset from those below.

We set you up in 3 Simple Steps:

  • Signup for an account right here.
  • Create your VOIP phone account, it will have an 087 number assigned to it. Port an 021 number once setup.
  • We will deliver and install the phone at your premises, remember it must have a cabled connection to your existing router.

What are Setup and Monthly Costs?
Setup is R805 inclusive plus the cost of the VOIP phone chosen.

Our technician will bring and install the phone. You load prepaid airtime for outgoing calls, rates are below.

Can I keep my existing number?
Yes, Geographic Number Porting is available for a once-off cost of R135 including VAT, and is done on your Freshphone account portal.