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Outdoor Fibre Box


Cable Installed


Fibre Termination Box


Fibre ONT Device


Wi-Fi Router

Your new business or home fibre line will be installed by competent technicians contracted by the relevant Fibre Provider.

We provide services over the networks of Openserve, Frogfoot, Octotel and Vumatel. Their contractor will do the installation from the street to your home.

Typically you will get a call on your provided cell number in 5-10 working days from placing the order with us, your ISP.

The contractor will discuss the route required to bring the fibre cable from the street box to inside your home.

This may require some digging of grass, lifting of some paving or mounting of 20mm white PVC conduit for the cable to be placed in.

Once completed, there will be a fibre termination box as well as a fibre modem or ONT (Optical Network Terminal) installed next to this.

The ONT must remain powered on, and the network port on that unit connects to the WAN port on your Wi-Fi router.

We will deliver the Wi-Fi router to you as soon as the Fibre provider confirms your line is active.