Overview of our
Acceptable Usage Policy              

NEXUS.NET strive to ensure all clients get a good, fast and reliable Internet Service at all times. We provide plenty of redundancy and surplus bandwidth to meet our client’s needs.

That said, we have to implement some acceptable usage policies (AUPs) to ensure that the few clients, who may abuse their connection, do not impact on the performance of the overall network.

We classify our packages, both fibre and wireless, into

BRONZE packages have simple and high daily download limits, and can be throttled if exceeded.

SILVER, GOLD and PLATINUM packages are never throttled.

Why an AUP Improves
Internet Performance

A good AUP, such as that used by us, ensures priority of certain traffic, such as streaming, email and web browsing. It gives lower priority to demanding heavy downloads, updates and torrents.

To ensure good performance, this priority method as well as throttling of abusive users, ensures regular clients always get a good fast connection.

AUP Limits only apply to BRONZE Packages.

Depending on your package, if you hit the usage limits below, your line will be throttled by 40% and 60% respectively. Full speed will be restored at midnight.


We believe the above are very fair limits, and are there to ensure that users who abuse their uncapped service, do not degrade speeds for others.

Please find more details about our Acceptable User Policy here.